ERK ;)

Today i woke up in the morning with my heart with full of emptiness
7 days past and i feel that i'm not gained any benefits by doing something good.what i get is just only wasting all my times playing facebook and bla bla..
i'm stress because i should use my holidays time wisely as long as my next year study will be so busy and tough enough!supposedly i should and should prepare my self with more spirit inside my heart.

i went to the toilet with my mind was busy thinking what i should do to compensate all the thing that i had done wrong!

i was stuck in the toilet about 1 hour by sitting properly at the toilet bowl seat thinking all depression that i got all over the years.

life is about choice! hidup ini penuh dgn pilihan!

yg membezakan kehidupan masing masing adalah kebijaksanaan nya sendiri bertindak memilih jalan yg terbaik buat kehidupannya..

and i realized that all the depression that i got is because my own mistakes.
i choose to be depress!

oh,how why i'm not recognized this early?

life is beautiful and we can colour it to be beautiful as we want!
hidup ini adalah pilihan dan kitalah yg bertanggungjawab di atas segala keputusan yg dibuat!

and i want to choose my life to be pretty as rainbow.and i want my life to be happy as long as i live!


"GO confidently in the direction of your DREAMS!Live the life you've IMAGINED!"

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Tiada rahsia lagi

Usah bertanya berkeka teki
Cinta yang abadi
yang suci di hati..

Tiada pilihan kedua
Pertama hingga akhir usia..
Hanya DIA..

ya Allah...;(

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