lately i feel so lonely.yeah.mana taknya mama and adik2 have started their school with busy schedule while papa have to go back to his home and office in kl and i just stay at home doing anything yang ikut suka hati from morning till the evening..kalau tak making a dishes,washing the cloth,sweeping the floor mmglah asyik layan tv and internet..hihi.its relax..but lama2 rasa mcm membazir masa pun ada juga..xpelah..mybe i needed to start some readings..

talking about holidays makes me want to tell everything that i have done during this summer holidays.unfortunately my scatterbrain can't find it ways to tell any stories into any words. oh gosh!how long i am not practice to do writing..

there is many remarkable things happen to my life lately and i am hoping that i will write it to pretend its special value towards my life..

last saturday,i went around to teluk chempedak and my old school,mrsm kuantan with my beloved family..oh i really miss that beach and that school!

4 years berlalu dengan cepat sekali!^_^


with love,

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